Eve: The app for the on the go woman

When you are always on the move and trying to balance work, your social life, school, etc. attempting to track your period is probably the least of your worries.  Sometimes trying to remember when your period last began and ended can seriously feel like you’re reaching out into the void. Luckily, an App has been created to take all the guess work out of your period cycle.

Eve is a mobile app designed to help women take full control of their sex lives. Not only does the app help track your period, but it calculates when you are most fertile by the timing of your cycle. Based on how far you’re into your period cycle, a higher or lower percentage number will be shown just how fertile you are at the moment.

In 2016, Eve won a Webby for health and it has been met with glowing reviews. Examples of reviews from users include; “I used this app to track my issues with menstruation prior to visiting my first OBGYN, and it was very helpful when I had to explain or identify when and what type of issues I was having to my doctor. It also provides small health tips based on your log. All suggestions are from accredited sources.” And “I used to be a go with the flow kind of person; but recently, I decided to use a period tracker to make it easier for doctors visits. So I tried many period trackers, and you know what? Eve is the best one.”

Eve is free and available in the iTunes app store and on Google Play.