Skincare for Beginners

By Bre Harrigan

Everybody has woken up one day and realized their skin just isn’t as tight, healthy, and glowy as it used to be. We all wish we could go back to being a pre-adolescent who could eat whatever we wanted daily and not have to worry about the breakouts that follow. I’m here to tell you that it is never too late to bring back the skin you thought you had parted ways with forever. It all starts with a simple routine (and lots of water).

     The first step to healthy skin is a change in diet. It doesn’t matter how many times you wash your face if your diet consists of greasy, sugar filled foods. Some foods to stay away from is white bread, chocolate, processed cereals, potato chips, and most dessert foods. These can cause inflammations as well as hormone fluctuations, the main reasons for acne. If nothing else, water water water! The amount you should be drinking changes on your sex, body size, and amount of physical activity. Without water, your skin can become dry and seem to age faster. Many women swear by drinking a gallon a day to keep their skin young and fresh, but it is important to find what works for you!

     Second, it is important to find a skincare routine that you will be able to do twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night.When you are constantly changing up the products and routine, your skin will become even more irritated. However, changes in hormones cause changes in your skin. So if you do notice your skin is feeling a bit more oily or dry during ‘that time of the month’ ,try adding a different product in!

     To begin your skin routine, always start with a gentle cleanser that isn’t too harsh on your skin. If you want to start with something super gentle, try Cetaphil, or something unscented. Next, using a toner will serve as a detox for your skin. Toners are best used for acne prone skin or oily skin. They extract all of the extra dirt and oil that no amount of makeup remover can tackle. Exfoliating once or twice weekly is also a helpful thing to add to your routine. It is important to keep the exfoliating to a minimum, because too much can take out the good oils that help your skin stay glowy! Towards to end of your routine, always moisturize. The best moisturizers have SPF in them that will keep your skin hydrated AND protected from the sun! Even if it is cloudy or you don’t think you will be outside much, wearing a moisturizer with sun protection in it will make sure your skin is as healthy as possible.

      Treating your skin well can create a path to a better, happier life. Feeling glowy and fresh on the outside truly does wonders for the inside. After you have stuck to your basic skincare routine for a few months, feel free to add some steps to advance your routine! Adding essential oils, face masks, and other skincare items can keep your skin just as healthy, if not more!

“In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s greatest successes” -Violet Grey