Starting Your Own

Since the beginning of time, women have been making the decisions (think Adam and Eve). While that decision might have started the ruin of humanity, there has always been a “strong woman behind every successful man”. It has taken centuries but we are finally in an era where we can become the boss. With that comes the already prevalent repercussions, and in the end, you have to decide if you want it. If you do, keep on reading, sister.

The How To’s of Starting a Business:

  • An Idea:

    • You’ve got to start somewhere and without an idea, you’ve got nothing. So say you want to start a custom grilled cheese shop. Once you have the business type, idea, and name, you’ll have to register it and then sync with the tax code of whatever state you’re in.
  • The Legal Side of the Business:

    • For every business, you need all of the licenses and permits, and each state will be different. I could list every permit and license you’ll need for each state but I won’t. After you have the proper licenses and permits, you have to make a bank account. It has to be a business one so it can be properly taxed and so it won’t be going directly to your bank account!
  • The Fun Part:

    • Location! Picking your business spot is key to the success of your business. The city (any city really) is a great place to start with all those customers! Shop around and find the best place for you.
  • The Not So Fun Part:

    • It’s all about the money, money, money. No money to start and no money to end. There are all types of grants you can receive to start a business or you have the choice of finding an investor. Grants are available throughout the government and there are a lot out there for women!
  • And Here You Are:

    • With your own business. So now? Hire. Create. Design. Pursuit your dreams.