♀️ The Future is Female

Our struggle in the workforce is still alive. The glass ceiling has not been broken yet.We must not give up nor stop our climb to the top, ladies!

Many positions that once were dominantly held by men have been replaced by WOMEN. This was not the case 50 years ago. So, let’s inspire each other and break the GLASS! Statistics prove we have it in us. Annually, we are stepping closer.

According to the Small Business Association in 2013:

  •  Women own over 31% of small-business in the U.S.
  • Women own 66% of home-based businesses in the U.S. 
  • Women-owned businesses are proven to be more successful (40% lasting over 12 years or more).
  • 7.8 million women owned businesses generate 7.6 million jobs and $1.2 trillion dollars in sales.

Hopefully, these facts are inspiring. Our fight is not over in the workforce. It is up to our generation to continue to rise and create the future we deserve!

Stay tuned for more insights,