Ivanka Helps Say Bye-Bye To An Obama Policy. Surprise, Surprise!

My previous article informed you guys about equal pay day for black women. Unequal pay is so common around the nation that while Obama was in office he made a policy, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This policy that was around during Obama’s presidency, its main purpose was to gain information that came from investigations to see if employees were getting the right pay that they deserve.

For many years, this rule has been criticized by many officials and high ranking people around former President Obama. Criticism of it “being too inaccurate” and “not reporting data in a precise way.” were two of the main points made of why it should be ended.

On August 29, 2017; the Trump administration decided to end yet another instilled policy that Obama began. Alongside President Trump when it came to making this decision was, Ivanka Trump.

While helping her father campaign while he was running for President; Ivanka made it known that if President Trump was elected she could and would help women out.

Despite her father’s history with negative comments/actions toward women, she made a vow to help women in the U.S. in the best way she can.
When asked about her take on President Trump’s action she said, “while I believe the intention was good and agree that pay transparency is important, the proposed policy would not yield the intended results,” said Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter. Her initial purpose for coming to the White House was to fight for working women. So you’d think that Mrs. Ivanka would do whatever she can to help those women, that she made promises to. She is a daddy’s girl so nine times out of ten; she’d get what she asks for.

Her support is obviously a suprise; due to the fact that this policy was instilled to help not only men but also women that weren’t receiving correct pay. This policy tried to focus on the fact that there IS a problem with pay being given to someone based on their race or gender. While this is a lose for many, Ivanka does not see it that way.