The Biggest Week in Fashion: NYFW 2017

This past week marked one of the most popular weeks in the fashion industry. As most people know, New York Fashion Week, held in February and September of each year is always the topic of discussion for many fashion gurus. Last week, September 7th to 13th, numerous international designers came together to showcase their collections on the runway. Among those were some of the most popular designers like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Sherri Hill and many others. For attendees, this was quite the experience.

To highlight some of my favorite designers, I will start with Sherri Hill. Sherri Hill is known for formal evening wear designs, especially ball gowns. She also designs cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, and two piece skirt/shirt sets. For this year’s NYFW, she decided to stick with a red, black, and white color scheme. As always, her collections all tie together. Whether it is the pattern or the colors, there is always a cohesive quality to her collection which is just so aesthetically pleasing.

Rihanna and Puma also showcased their newest ready-to-wear collection, the Fenty x Puma collaboration. The collection, similarly to Hill’s, used a lot of blue and hot pink colors. Fenty x Puma had pieces that particularly stuck out to me- such as their orange jacket/dress, worn by model Theresa Hayes, was stunning. However, my favorite aspect of the New York Fashion Show is the choice of models. Rihanna’s Puma collaboration collection was highly representative of every kind of model. The diversity of the models was something that I believe every designer and company should consider using.

Calvin Klein also participated during NYFW to showcase his Spring 2018 collection. His collection was consistent throughout, with lots of checkered linear patterns and sheer fabrics and materials. Despite the consistency, I feel as though his spring collection could have been stronger. Some of the looks were a bit too abstract for regular wear and probably would not be salable off the runway. Some pieces, though, had very unique touches to them.

It is always interesting to see what designers come up with and decide to showcase during NYFW. Although some designers design for the runway, it is always heartening to see designers come out with looks for every day wear. Because New York Fashion Week gets so much attention from more than just designers and buyers, I feel as though designers should try to appeal to as many people outside the immediate fashion world as they can. What was your favorite collection from the show? Leave a comment below and share what you think about the collections!