An Interview with Rebecca Bailey

A fun look combining shimmer and spots!

By Alexandra Haller

Makeup artists are popping up everywhere, gaining popularity in the growing Instagram community and other places. Celebs are even coming out with their own lines (I’m looking at you, RiRi and Kylie), launching themselves further into the limelight. This week, I turned to Rebecca Bailey, an up and coming makeup artist in my hometown. We discussed what it’s like in the makeup industry.

ALEX (A): Introduce yourself, if you would.

REBECCA (R): My name is Rebecca Bailey and I’m a Sophomore at VCU- majoring in Theatre Performance.

A: Thanks for taking time to talk to me Rebecca! Let’s jump in. How long have you been a makeup artist? How did you come into this passion?

R: I’ve been experimenting with makeup ever since my freshman year of high school, but I think I’ve started to branch out a lot more and call myself an artist in the past couple of years. I’ve just always loved playing around with makeup, and then when I started watching youtube videos, I loved to recreate other people looks. I also watched a lot of movies, which inspired my gore side and made me want to create more SFX (special effects) looks. I began an Instagram page for my looks almost 2 years ago, in January of 2016, which is when I began to focus on making a new look at least 3 times a week to keep myself accountable.

Rebecca’s first look on her Instagram, @bailey_beauties

A: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

R: I normally find inspiration in color combinations, or pop culture. I’ve done a set of looks based on Harry Potter, the LGBTQIA+ flags, and now I’m doing the 30 day makeup challenge, because I find it really pushes me out of my comfort zone and makes me create things that I never would have thought of. Makeup, to me, is really about expressing yourself and just having fun.


A: Who has inspired you throughout your journey as a makeup artist?

R: Some of my favorite artists are Hailie Barber, @hann4hbeth on Instagram, @Alyssamarieartistry on Instagram, and Kimberely Margarita. I really love any artist who experiments with color and can create things that aren’t “natural” or “basic” in the community. I love to see an artist use makeup as a way of art, and to show their personality.

A: What do you love most about makeup? 

R: I love that I get to experiment with colors and looks in a way that other people can appreciate. It makes me feel really great when someone compliments my makeup because I feel like we both are having a connection for just a second, and people are able to appreciate an art form. I just think that there is such a great community around makeup and all these people are connecting and appreciating each other’s looks, while supporting each other’s growth.

A: What else do you do besides makeup?

R: Theatre is what I really love to do, and it’s my major. I’ve done theatre ever since I was 12, and I’ve been interested in it forever. I think that makeup and theatre go hand in hand because I can do my own looks for my shows and I could potentially use makeup as a side job, since it’s something that I love to do.

A: What do you think is your “signature” look?

R: I try to change up my looks every day, but I think that I feel most comfortable when I wear pink, reds, and peach tones. I just think it compliments my skin tone really well and makes me feel the most confident.

A: What is your favorite cosmetic product right now?

R: I’m really loving different colored eyeliners lately- mostly white, and purple. I just think it adds something new to a look and can jazz up your everyday routine!

A: Last one! Do you have any suggestions for others wanting to join the industry?

R: I would just say to be yourself, and to not focus on what’s “trendy”. Just do whatever makes you happy and create things that make you feel confident, without caring about what other people say.

You can follow Rebecca on Instagram @bailey_beauties!