Must-haves! Fall Edition

The weather is inching towards colder weather with the occasional hot day, but everyone’s favorite season is among us! Pretty sure there’s a consensus that everyone who takes style and dressing seriously can say that fall is the time where outfits are simply the best. The variety of things one can piece together makes fall the season where the ‘fits are out of this world. With that being said, there’s a couple must-haves that everyone needs to have in their closet this fall!

Outer-wear is one of the most important garments in fall fashion because while it may or may not be important to look cute, it is important that you stay warm! For this, a staple piece that is a must have and arguably one of my favorite types of coat is the double-breasted duster/overcoat. These are the long, collared jackets with button down the front of jacket. These are perfect for more dressy occasions, but can also be worn nicely with a pair of nice jeans, boots, and a sweater to add extra warmth. For those days that the weather channel claims it is going to be 70 degrees, but the day starts and ends in the low 50s, a fur vest is perfect for these unpredictable days. Not only is fur great for insulation, it also adds a stylish touch to spice up your outfit!

Under outer-wear, the top is probably the second most important garment in fall fashion. For those days that are especially cooler, my must-have piece is the crop sweater. A cute ribbed crop sweater automatically makes any outfit that much more adorable and also gives some added warmth. Practicality for the crop sweater is not as high, but with the proper jacket and some fall accessories,  you will still be feeling warm and fuzzy inside!

Bottoms are an essential part of the outfit and probably my favorite part of the outfit. In saying that, a must-have bottom for fall are the mom jeans. Not only are mom jeans just like normal jeans, the distressed and vintage look makes it look like you actually tried in your outfit even if you didn’t. A true pair of vintage mom jeans may be hard to find, but most stores have their own vintage pair of mom jeans with its own twist to it. For those more lazy days where being comfortable overrules being cute, a pair of cargo joggers are one of my favorite looks in the fall. They’re extremely easy to style and also very fashionable.

Lastly, for shoes and accessories, there are a couple must-haves that you need in your closet. For accessories, the head wrap is my favorite headpiece for the fall. Don’t get me wrong, beanies are great, however head wraps are better for people with more versatile hair types (perfect for our short hair and natural hair gals!). The over-the-knee boots also are one of my favorites (especially for nicer occasions) and goes perfect with a pair of nice jeggings.

There are so many “must-haves” that every girl needs in their closet and my list could go on and on, but if I shared everything, this article would never end. I hope this is some helpful fall inspo and feel free to comment some of your favorite must-have fall essentials!