My Style – Favorite Trends, Looks, Stores etc..

There are so many different types of styles a person could have. From sporty, to chic, to simple, to vintage, fashion offers an ample amount of approaches one can identify with. With the way fashion is heading in this day and age, the value of being extremely dressed up has decreased while more casual, day-to-day outfits have become more popular. For me, personally, I love the idea of more casual outfits because it really is difficult to dress up all the time. In saying that, my favorite style of clothing right now is vintage apparel.

I say as of right now because fashion is so fluid and always changing! However at the moment, there’s something about the aesthetic of vintage apparel that is just so endearing to me. The patterns, the dull colors, tube socks, everything about it is just so appealing. Mom jeans are probably one of my favorite articles of clothing. The distressing of the jeans and the waistline make wearing jeans look different and just add more taste into an outfit. We also can’t forget the giant windbreakers! Nothing screams 80s and 90s more than colorblock windbreaker.

Although my love for vintage clothing is strong, I do have a couple issues with it. With the increasing popularity of vintage clothing comes with increased cost unfortunately, but some of these staple items are worth the purchase. Not only is it somewhat pricey, but its also hard to find. Thrifting is usually so difficult for me and I’m guessing others as well because its really a hit or miss; for me it’s usually a miss. Despite the fact that it’s difficult to find, I have been able to find a couple websites with awesome vintage clothing that just screams me. The name of my favorite is If there’s one place that I would willingly give all my coins to (if I had coins to give of course) it would be here. There website carries mainly vintage sportswear and reworked clothing from name brand companies; trust me, if you love vintage clothing, you can thank me later.

Fashion is so crazy because in a couple of weeks my favorite style of clothing could change just like that. That’s what I love about it. Think about how boring fashion would be if the same things stayed in style forever or old styles never resurfaced. It’s a cycle and it’s too bad that having a strong sense of wanting to be fashionable comes with such a big price tag. Funds are always limited and most likely will continue to be that way now that I found that website. I hope for the people following my page found the website helpful because I know how hard thrifting is, but this too shall pass!