Neglecting of Mental Health

We all remember Health class in grade school. The teacher would repeatedly place an emphasis on physical health.

“One must exercise the amount of time a day, one must consume only these foods… “. yada-yada…

Oh, and that terribly restrictive Food Pyramid! Yuck!

That being said, our education system definitely puts emphasis on physical health but what about mental?

We strive for greatness and health but completely miss the most important part of the puzzle.

The key to success?  MENTAL WELLNESS

The key to being physically healthy? MENTAL WELLNESS

The key to being happy? MENTAL WELLNESS

To summarize my point, teachers in our health classes should be incorporating more emphasis on mental health.

Mental health is SO important, but in our fast-paced lives it is easy to neglect it. As we rush to work, class or other obligations, our minds are never given a break. For one to lead a meaningful, fulfilling life, one must focus daily on creating a mental health routine.

Creating a mental health routine seems daunting, but with baby steps you can get there.

1.      Download the app Headspace (Mindfulness meditations)

·        These types of meditations will help calm anxiety, stress and clarify your thinking overtime

2.      Read Mental health books

·        Educate yourself on the science and philosophy of mental well-being

·        Buddhism or other religions

3.      Create a physical health plan

·        Working out releases endorphins (the happy hormone)

4.      Take 10 minutes out of every day (no technology) to reflect on your progress