Girls Protect Girls

Sexual assault. We have all heard dozens of stories, whether it be on the news about another town/state or our campus newsletter telling us what happened just down the street. Some of us react with the need to be aware, take the time to prepare for worst case scenarios. Others think that such a thing is awful, of course, but glide over it and continue on with their daily lives. If this is you, or even if it’s not, (and you attend VCU or live in the Richmond, VA area) all could benefit from the event “Girls Protect Girls” happening this Saturday, November 11th, in rooms C and D at the Student Commons. Queen In You is hosting this event between 10AM to 1PM with a special guest speaker from The Well to “[teach] the importance of protecting yourself” from physical and sexual assault.

Everyday women face challenges that are often provoked because of the sheer fact that we are women. We second guess everything, whether it’s the long walk home at night or wearing the really cute skirt you just bought because you don’t know what kind of ‘compliments’ will be thrown your way. However, what we do as women is no excuse for a man (or anyone else) to take advantage of us under any circumstances. We should be free to live the lifestyles we want to live without being afraid of being followed home or being catcalled because we wore that skirt. It’s time to take control and this event offers the perfect opportunity to do so. They want to teach you how to deal with bad situations so when you find yourself in a bad situation, you will know exactly what to do. It’s an easy step you can take to make your days simpler and decisions a little easier, so you don’t have to take every step with apprehension. Come to The Commons to learn more and receive a free lunch!