First Meals, Then Deals: Pre-Black Friday Sales You Do Not Want to Miss

By:Morgan Smith
If you must know one thing about me, it would be the fact that I love online shopping. And when I say I love it, I love it. I probably need to visit a shopaholic’s anonymous because it is my addiction. With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, you already know what is going on…SHOPPING! Not just any shopping at that, shopping with endless and wonderful deals and sales that you cannot get any other time of the year. With that being said, I got to key to all of the wonderful deals that come with the holidays. I am here to provide you with deals you may or may not know of and introduce you to some of my favorite stores that may become your favorite stores too. Plus, you know you need fits for the family functions you are about to attend, so let me help you out with some suggestions.

My absolute favorite store must go first to: Missguided. Missguided is a UK based online clothing store that features many trendy, fresh-off-the-runway looks. This brand is for the customer whose fashion influences include Rihanna and Bella Hadid. They have become a little pricey with their recent collaborations with celebrities such as Amber Rose, Jordan Dunn, and Carli Bybel, but they are reasonably priced for the most part with their own brand of clothes. Now, let’s get to the good part: the epic sale. Missguided typically pops out with the best sale ever where they have 50% off of everything on the site! AGH, I know right! Literally everything! They do this every blue moon, but you have to scramble for the super cute items you been wanting because they WILL sell out…quickly I might add. The infamous sale is going on now for a limited time!

My second favorite would be Pretty Little Thing. They are also a UK based clothing line and they are similar to Missguided; however, they offer fashion forward items at a much cheaper price than Missguided. To me, Pretty Little Things offers basic clothing items with such a cute or unique fashion twists; it makes you say “I gotta have this”. They love the Kardashians; they recently released a collection by Khloe which features items from colorful tank dresses to metallic biker shorts. As for sales, they have a 50% everything sale occasionally as well, more often than Missguided does. However, they stopped it not too long ago (that was a sad day). Right now, they are having 24% off of everything on the site. But, the gag is Unidays gives students 40% of their entire purchase for Pretty Little Thing. Being a student has it perks.

Now enough about clothes, let’s get down to another serious subject: SHOES! There are two sites that I highly recommend and they are my go-to sites for stylish boots, booties, heels, and sandals. The first site is GoJane, they are best known for their cheap, chic shoes but they also have in-style clothing similar to that of Fashion Nova. I do not think I have ever seen a pair of shoes exceed $50 on this site. They have constant sales on shoes, their new arrivals, or the entire site; their current one is 40% off of their best sellers! Moreover, another site is UrbanOG. They offer similar shoes to GoJane, but they have amazing sales on their shoes. I swear one time I had 4 pairs of shoes in my cart and the total was like $50. 4 pairs of shoes for $50?! You seriously cannot beat that. I personally like UrbanOG more than GoJane, because UrbanOG’s sales usually range from 30-45% off the entire site, shoes, or clothing. As of right now, they are having 45% off of the entire site! I would definitely take advantage of this sale; it is well worth it! Take the opportunity to rack on boots and booties to stay warm this coming winter.

I want to take this opportunity to get you guys hip to Unidays and Student Beans. These are student discount sites for online shopping sites for many well-known stores and brands. This is not only for college students, but high school students can sign up too! Here’s some of the discounts offered on these sites:


  • Missguided-50% off purchase currently (Usually 40% or 30% on a regular day)
  • Nasty Gal-55% off purchase
  • Boohoo-55% off purchase
  • ASOS-10% off purchase
  • PUMA-10% off purchase

Student Beans

  • Topshop-10% off purchase
  • Hunter-15% off purchase
  • Shein-$5 off over $50
  • Topman-10% off purchase
  • Pacsun-15% off purchase

As a college student, I try to find ways to save in any way possible. So, sign up for those sites and get discount on clothing and shoes. So, that way you will be broke, but cute…lol just kidding. But you will thank me later for this, happy holidays and happy shopping!