Mask On, Mask Off

By: Bre Harrigan

I could count on one hand the amount of people I know that haven’t tried a facemask before. With the promise of clear, bright skin, who wouldn’t keep lathering them on? Sitting with a glass of wine, watching your favorite Netflix show, with a soothing face mask on really is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, finding a face mask that is just right for your skin type really is a hard task. Stay tuned for some of the best face masks for each skin type! (Disclaimer: I am only recommending each product as I have tried them, there’s hundreds of masks for each kind of skin, I just haven’t tried them!)

Acne Prone Skin:

My holy grail for when I’m breaking out is the Say Yes To Tomatoes charcoal mask. This attacks all of my ‘friends’ and clears them up faster than any other mask I’ve tried! It has never irritated my skin, which happens to be incredibly sensitive. You can find this at any Walmart, Target, or online! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is more prone to breakouts during that time of the month, it has helped my monthly flare ups calm down significantly. Another great mask is from Shea Moisture, a mud mask made for blemish prone skin! This can be found in most Ulta’s and some Targets.

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Oily Skin:

As someone who always has to wear powder because of my skins natural abundance of oils, I have tried any and all face masks for oily skin. A lot of masks do literally nothing for my oily skin, so I really do recommend a few extra dollars on a good face mask for oily skin. One that I definitely recommend is from the god of skin care, Mario Badescu. The Special Mask for Oily Skin really calmed down my skin. It made the oil work with my skin more and just make it look like a glow! Also, most clay masks can work wonders for helping with your oily skin! Try a few masks, really give them a chance, and find the one that works best with you.

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Dry Skin:

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Glossier’s face masks are a godsend. The Moisturizing Moon Mask from them is my favorite mask to use as a pick me up in the morning. If I have a little extra time before getting ready, I’ll cover my face in the mask and just relax, literally feeling the moisture coming back into my skin. In fact, I’m wearing the moon mask as I’m typing this! Another good mask for dry skin is from Shea Moisture, their hydrating mud mask is absolutely incredible. It gives your skin moisture without making it look greasy.

Combination Skin:

A great product for combo skin is an avocado and oatmeal mask from Freeman; Feeling Beautiful. This brand really hits a homerun with most of it’s face masks, but this product is no doubt the star of the show. It leaves your face feeling clean and purified without any harsh ingredients (not to mention how good it smells). Another good brand for combination skin is the clay masks from L’oreal. They made three masks with different ingredients that all help your combination skin balance out.

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Detox your skin!

Feeling like my skin is getting all the dirt and grime out from a long day has always been something I look forward to. I have many, many masks that I use to detoxify my skin, but I’ll try to narrow it down to just one. My absolute favorite is also from Glossier, and it’s the Galaxy Greens detoxifying face mask. With all natural ingredients (not to mention, it’s vegan!), this mask brings all of the grossness (a very technical term) to the surface and washes away with the mask. I would bet money that every person that tries this has noticed a significant change in their skin after a few uses. When you try this mask, don’t be alarmed when your skin is slightly pink after taking it off, it is working hard to clean out your pores, so naturally it will cause a little discoloration that vanishes within a few minutes.

I hope that these few products I’ve recommended with each type of skin will help you all down your path to glorious skin! Again, I only recommended products that I have tried personally, so if you have any other suggestions feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram, @breharrigan ! 🙂
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