Au Naturel

By: Bre Harrigan

Ask anybody and they’ll most likely tell you the same thing—Natural products will always be better for your skin than anything else. Without all of the added chemicals, your skin can soak up the product better-and it is guaranteed to work better. Although, sometimes natural skincare products can be a little pricier.. it’s worth it. Since they work better, you’ll have to buy less products, so in the long run, you actually are saving money. Buying one product that is completely natural and toxin free will save you so much time searching for one product that will work. There are hundreds of products that will help your skin in a more natural way, but I’m going to recommend some basics to start with, along with their prices and benefits.

  • Tea Tree Oil (around $10)


The first thing I recommend that anybody gets is good ol’ tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is incredibly helpful with breakouts, redness and inflammation. Once you get past the overwhelmingly strong smell, you can literally feel it absorbing into your skin. For my folks with sensitive skin, don’t worry! Tea tree oil is known to work well with sensitive skin, not causing reactions or burning. I have about three bottles of tea tree oil at all times, it’s a must for your skincare collection.


  1.   Apple Cider Vinegar ( anywhere between $3 and $10)

Apple Cider Vinegar has many of the same benefits as tea tree oil, helping to fight acne and unhealthy bacteria in your skin. It also provides antifungal properties. It contains potassium and magnesium which helps with detoxifying your skin!

  1. Raw Honey ($5-$15)

One of the most popular uses for honey is in facemasks. Honey and oatmeal face masks are probably one of the messiest things you can put on your face, but are entirely worth it. Along with preventing breakouts, honey also helps keep your face moisturized. For other parts of your body, it also helps with scars and fighting rashes. Make sure to get completely real, raw honey. The added stuff that tons of companies put in to make it taste better is where your skin can get irritated.


  1. Avocado!!!

One of the most trending skincare products at the moment is avocado face masks. We already see avocados everywhere, from our toast to our Pinterest boards, so why not add a little ‘cado to your skincare routine? Avocados contain tons of healthy vitamins that moisturize your skin. It can also help soothe your sunburnt skin, helping to reduce inflammation. Add a few essentials oils, oatmeal, honey, or anything else you’d like to make a perfect (and kinda delicious) face mask!


  1.    Aloe Vera

We’re used to keeping aloe vera on hand solely in case we spend a little too much time out in the sun. But aloe has so many other benefits that could fit into your everyday routine, not just your beach vacation routine. Aloe can actually heal you from the inside out, by detoxifying your body and helping you stay healthy. Aloe vera can be used for anything from burns to frostbite, to cold sores! The natural medicinal qualities of the plant itself truly works wonders.