It Could Be for Yo(ga)u

Yoga. I know I can hear your non-namaste sigh from here. I too used to roll my eyes when someone told me I should try it. So when my friend dragged me to hot yoga, I was very skeptical. I certainly wasn’t excited. I’m not going to tell you it changed my life. But it certainly changed aspects. The beauty of yoga is that you can make your practice whatever you want it to be. I wake up every morning and I meditate first, guided by the app Breathe and then I do a yoga session. It wakes me up, giving me the boost and steady calm I need to be in charge of a 24-member staff.

I began eating better, too. Yoga had given me a new love for my body that I had yet to feel. I started incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet and weaning out meat. Currently, I am starting to go vegetarian but that’s unrelated to yoga (watch the documentary What the Health and you will too). My mental state improved as well. I mentioned the self-love I had found but my practice has a constant clarity to it. I feel good after yoga. I love myself and the skin I am in. And I’m not the only one. Yoga is becoming a staple in the fitness world and you can see stars all across Instagram doing their downward dogs in Hawaii. See Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff post-yoga sesh.

The biggest goal is to do what works for you. That might not be yoga. It might be kickboxing to release the rage that builds every time John at the desk across from you snaps his gum. It might be yoga. Take a class. Don’t take a class. Do what makes you feel best.