New Year, New Skin

By: Bre Harrigan

  It’s that time of the year. Your timeline is filling with “We’re leavin ____ in 2017” and “New year new me!” posts. We get it. However, if those tweets inspire anything in you, it should be a year of healthy, glowing skin. And let’s be real, although saying you’re going to drink more water is a great goal, it’s not going to be the only thing to help you get the skin you desire. We can do this! I’ll add another post to your timeline to add on to the frenzy. We’re leaving dull, unhealthy skin in 2017! Here’s some things I’m going to start incorporating more into my routine to ring in the new year, and I’ll hope you’ll join me!

 Healthy eating is definitely going to play a bigger part in my life this year. I’ve gone on health kicks in the past but never really stuck with it, because Taco Bell has my heart. However, I’ve decided to take a big step in what I hope is the right direction. I’m going to be a vegetarian. And I’m putting it online for all of you to read so now I have to stick with it. In researching vegetarianism, I’ve learned that meat and dairy are doing a disservice to your skin. I already knew dairy wasn’t the best thing for my skin, and although I’m not going to be vegan, dairy will play a much less significant part in my diet. It’s no secret that vegetarians eat more fruits and veggies, because how else would you get all of your nutrients? I’m looking forward to finding more yummy foods that are outside of my former meat friendly diet. I’ll keep all of you updated on my vegetarian adventures, and let me know if you want to cut out meat too and we can do it together.

  Next, I’m going to ask for more coal. Charcoal, that is! Charcoal face masks have proved to be some of the most beneficial products to add into your skin routine. I’ve used a few charcoal masks here and there in the past, but I’m going to start doing a charcoal mask at least twice a week to keep a strong routine. I know that most people are afraid to do too many face masks, so test it out! If you feel your skin is too sensitive to do a charcoal face mask more than once a week, don’t push it! Your skin is unique to you, take care of it the way you feel is best.

  Now, this might be the most difficult part of your new year, new skin journey. It’s time. Out with the old, in with the new. And by old I mean that one skincare product you never use but keep on your shelf ‘just in case’. I promise you, getting rid of that product to add newer products you will definitely get more use out of will benefit you. Although skincare can be damaging to your wallet, there are some products that aren’t worth the coins. Give them to a friend, or empty out the bottle and use it for something else!

  These are just a few things I plan on doing in the new year, along with just trying to better my health overall. I’d love to hear your skincare New Year resolutions so feel free to tag @suchateasemag in any posts you make regarding this article! Stay safe and happy holidays everyone!
Insta: breharrigan