‘Primitive’ Cooking: Starting Fresh

By: Sav Barnett

When it comes to your health, most people’s first thought that comes to mind is associated with the food they consume everyday. You are eating everyday and though it may be frustrating at times; everything you consume plays a big part in determining your overall health.Whether it be a fresh bag of your favorite chips or the leftovers from the lunch you couldn’t finish when you went out with your friends, these play a role in your health.

This isn’t about what you’re eating, but rather how it was made. One of the greatest things humans have done since the dawn of our existence is cook. Cooking sets us apart from all other living, breathing, and eating creatures that share this planet with us. It wasn’t until I was learning about human biology that I finally understood how powerful a tool cooking can be for us.

Much like today, in primitive times, fires were made for both warmth and cooking. Not only did the fires our ancestors cooked over help keep them warm, but the cooked food they consumed yielded so much more energy than raw food. Energy which helped our ancestors to successfully hunt and gather during the following day. They gathered and cooked fresh food for every meal they ate.

Today, we take advantage of processed foods, ready-made meals, and delicious dishes from local restaurants. We neglect the importance of cooking fresh and nourishing meals for ourselves. Not only does it help balance the caloric intake of the food by using our physical energy to make the meals, it also exercises your mind and eventually builds towards the rewarding task of making delicious and nutritious foods.

Cooking fresh meals can be hard on your own, but with a little bit of research and planning, your diet will soon become easily fresh. Pinterest and food blogs are great places to start your research for easy to make *fresh* recipes. Food blogs will give you someones personal experience shopping for and preparing fresh meals, and they will give you helpful tips for switching over to an everything fresh diet.

Pinterest is like an online recipe book, so use it to it’s fullest. It allows you to break your search into categories (dinner, lunch, breakfast), and even more specific categories (chicken, beef, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc).

And of course, if you would rather walk yourself through your own fresh meal planning, splurge on a few cookbooks that incorporate eating healthy, organic, clean, and fresh. Reading through physical cookbooks and finding new recipes can actually be fun!

Always remember: Grab *fresh*—not frozen.

Comment and share your personal experiences with eating and preparing *fresh* meals!