How to Know When it’s Finally Time to End It

By: Diamond Buckley

No relationship is perfect. It’s extremely rare to be in a relationship that doesn’t sometimes go through rough patches. Even when the rough patches seem too long, it’s still possible to bounce back. When does it get past the point of no return, and time to actually start moving on? This line is pretty blurred for most people, especially when they’re blinded by love. It’s hard to know when it’s finally right to leave, so here’s a guide of signs to look out for that might help you.

  1. You’re constantly waiting for the relationship to get better.

If you find yourself nostalgic for a relationship you’re still currently in, that’s a problem. It’s normal to think back to good times in a relationship, but those times shouldn’t overshadow the moments you spend with your partner in the present. Spending your time longing for a better version of your partner isn’t healthy; and nine times out of ten, that better version won’t come.

  1. You fight more often than not

This seems somewhat obvious; but for some, it takes serious reflection to understand just how much they really argue with their partner. If you can’t count on your hands how many times you’ve argued in the past few months, that’s a sign of a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. If there’s doubt that it’s possible to mend the problem, then ask yourself if staying in the relationship is worth the stress.

  1. You’ve grown aggravated by minor things they do

It’s normal for the person you’re in a relationship with to have quirks that you dislike. What isn’t normal, though, is being annoyed by everything they do. If even the sound of them breathing irritates you, it’s time to end it. Clearly there’s a profound resentment there that’s deep rooted. You can take the time to figure out the root of the issue and decide if it’s worth sorting out; or, you can decide to save the trouble and just end the relationship.

  1. There seems to be a constant power struggle

In the beginning of a relationship, when everything is fresh and new, each partner is usually more willing to listen to each other’s needs and make compromises. Some relationships keep up this pattern, while others drastically change it. If it seems as if you’re constantly giving into the needs of the other partner while they choose to never compromise, it may be time to rethink the relationship.

  1. There’s simply no spark

There seems to be this misconception that all relationships have a honeymoon phase, and as that relationship progresses, that phase ends. The honeymoon phase is full of lust, fireworks, and passion; and these aspects of a relationship shouldn’t fade simply because you’re more comfortable with each other. You should 100% be comfortable with the person you’re in a relationship with, but if you don’t feel that spark anymore that you once felt, then maybe it’s best to check out other options. Don’t hold yourself down, because you fear breaking out of your relationship’s routine.