New Year, New Me! Holiday Gift Favorites

By: Kayla Smith

It’s that time of year to bring back the most cliche and overused phrase of all; “New Year, New Me!” It’s a phrase I like to stay away from, however, for this article it is actually quite relevant to the topic at hand. For some people, going to the mall and shopping is without-a-doubt draining, but for me 99.9% of the time I feel like “SCOREEEEEE!” Even though I walk out with my pockets hurting, I know looks will soon be served, so it will all be worth it! You’re probably thinking to yourself right now, “Kayla, what does this have to do with anything?” Well, let me tell you. New clothes make me feel like a new person and nothing is better than walking into the new year with a couple of poppin’ new fits.

Winter Holidays like New Years make me so happy because not only is it the most joyous time of the year and a time to reflect, but is also the season of giving… and maybe receiving. In saying that, I was able to receive some special gifts that I know I will be over-wearing in 2018.. so let’s get on with it!

First off, my camo babies. In one of my earlier articles I talked about the cargo camo pants that everyone has been ranting and raving about and I was finally able to add a pair to my wardrobe. These pants would be perfect with a simple white crew t-shirt, some Huaraches, and a beanie to top off the look.


Next, is my beloved blanket scarf. Get this… only $4.89 at Aeropostale! You do not have to go far and drop all your coins to get the good stuff, ladies. They come in various colors and can be worn in multiple ways. Not going to lie, I have worn this one many times already and have received endless compliments. I am in love with this scarf.


Lastly we have here my favorite turtleneck sweater. This is sweater weather season so you can never have too many sweaters! I actually had one of these bad-boys before Christmas, but my Mom knew I loved it so much she was so kind to buy another one for me. And let me tell you, I can’t get enough of these sweaters! Despite the stigma of older teens and young adults now on shopping at stores like Hollister and Aeropostale because it was the trend in middle school- needs to be left behind because these are adorable! These sweaters can be found at Hollister and come in multiple colors. Super cute and comfy; definitely one of my favorites!


I could go on and write about every gift because I truly enjoyed everything I received this holiday season. However, that would be a drag. That said, I’m so excited to serve some looks for the first two weeks of school! Hope everyone continues to enjoy the holidays with their love ones and have a safe and Happy New Year!