Golden Globes 2018: #TimesUp

By: Christina Burgess

Image from: Popsugar

The 75th Annual Golden Globes took place on Sunday, January 7th at the Beverly Hilton and yes, all stars arrived in their best dressed. This year’s Globes, however, had a different focus and dress attire than just the usual “over the top, big-time designer outfits.”

Due to all of the recent Hollywood sexual assault and harassment allegations coming to light this past year, celebrities and activists decided to address the rising problem.  They planned an all black dress code and made sure to bring awareness to these real incidents and stand in solidarity with victims. Another popular sight was Hollywood stars walking the red carpet with known activists as their dates.

#MeToo founder, Tarana Burke showed up on the red carpet alongside All the Money in the World actress, Michelle Williams. For those who may not know, the #MeToo movement started in 2007 by Tarana Burke, who was recently named as one of 2017 Time’s People of the Year. It offers assistance to sexual assault survivors in non-represented communities. In places “where rape crisis centers and sexual assault workers weren’t going,” Burke said. This campaign started 10 years ago and Burke is finally receiving the recognition that she truly deserves. Luckily, since the hashtag has begun to trend and spread worldwide; many victims everywhere have been able to unify as one. The #MeToo movement, “wasn’t built to be a viral campaign or a hashtag that is here today and forgotten tomorrow,” Burke told Ebony magazine. “It was a catchphrase to be used from survivor to survivor to let folks know that they were not alone and that a movement for radical healing was happening and possible.”

The night was filled with lots of jokes and monologues that may have been seen as funny to some but still very real to others. The host of this year’s Golden Globes, Seth Meyers, opened the show saying, “Good evening, ladies, and remaining gentlemen.” Throughout the night there were many calls to action for change. The Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement was awarded to Oprah Winfrey, who included the true heroism of those who have come forward with their #MeToo stories in her acceptance speech. She made sure to make it known that “speaking your truth is the most powerful tool you all have.” Winfrey continued with her speech saying, “for too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. Their time is up.” Surprisingly enough her whole acceptance speech has led to the discussion of ‘Oprah for 2020’ ???

#TimesUp, a movement founded in 2018, whose goal is to stand against sexual harassment after the #MeToo movement started up again, and the Harvey Weinstein allegations made headlines. On their site they have words of affirmation reading, “the clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it.” This movement is a call for change for women everywhere. They want to be able to handle “systemic inequality” and “injustice” in any place. By partnering with “leading advocates for equality and safety to improve laws, employment agreements, and corporate policies,” making that push to change the way men and women’s attackers are held accountable by the legal system.

Overall, this year’s Golden Globes was a great night for the #MeToo movement and gave hope to victims around the world; to show them that they are never alone.

The #MeToo campaign’s motto is: Empowerment through empathy; #TimesUp motto is: No more silence. No more waiting. No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse. Time’s Up.