Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Every Relationship Status

By: Diana D’Amato

The holiday season is already over and the most romantic time of the year is quickly approaching. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can turn this Valentine’s Day into the most memorable one yet.



Chances are you have celebrated many Valentine’s Days with your significant other. To make this year’s festivities extra memorable, try switching things up a bit with a spontaneous or exciting activity. With a bit of advanced research, you can find an event that you would both enjoy- such as a concert, show, or sports game.

If you are feeling especially daring, try an extreme sport like bungee jumping or skydiving. Because, let’s face it, you’ll never forget the Valentine’s Day you pulled a death-defying stunt together.

Alternatively, you could both learn a new skill or create a keepsake to commemorate your night out by searching for a class to take together.  Learn to make your own desserts at Sur La Table or reenact your favorite scene from Ghost at a pottery class. To heighten the romance, look for a dance class at a nearby studio.

If you’d like to be pampered this Valentine’s day, look into romantic getaway package deals at upscale hotels.  You don’t necessarily have to travel far, but spending a night away, regardless, can be luxurious. This can be particularly enjoyable if you have kids and don’t want to be too far from home.

For a simpler touch that doesn’t require an overnight babysitter, treat yourself to dinner at a ritzy restaurant.  Or, expand your palate and try a new kind of cuisine that always interested you.  Heading to a local Korean or Cuban restaurant, for example, can excite your taste buds and your night. For homebodies, try cooking a new dish together in the comfort of your own kitchen.  If the meal ends up a disaster, you can always order takeout!

Since it gets exceptionally cold in February, you can convert most outdoor date ideas into indoor experiences with a little creativity. Transform your living into an indoor picnic area or dress up to treat your dining room as an extravagant restaurant.

For our creative readers, choose a theme for your Valentine’s day to spice things up. You can dress for and even cater your plans to fit the chosen theme. Long-term couples could have a blast recreating their first date! Pick out your best throwback outfits, meet somewhere special, and retrace your steps from that first meeting. With proper planning, you can even arrange your own adventure with a day trip or scenic drive. Whether you choose to stay local or travel far, this is chance to spend time together exploring a new place or attraction. And in the end, spending time with each other is what’s important.



If you are in a new relationship, this could be the first of many Valentine’s Days to come. Don’t shy away from the typical corny first date sentimentality.  Lean into it and get dressed up for a nice restaurant with a secluded table for two.  Most restaurants will have a Valentine’s Day special often including a prix fixe menu. If dinner is not on your menu, try to find a nearby winery that provides tours and wine tastings. Or, spend the night embracing your creativity at Wine and Design or Color Me Mine. Also, keep an eye out for any Valentine’s-themed events in your area. If you do not see any that pique your interest, create you own. For example, wander around your local art museum for a scavenger hunt of artwork depicting lovers, or go to a nearby garden (weather permitting) to enjoy a full array of flowers.


Low on money?

Scan your favorite Pinterest boards for DIY fun Valentines’ Day games and gifts from the heart. Even little things like making date night dice or raiding your closets to pick out each other’s’ clothes for the night can make for an entertaining time. You can even break out old Christmas lights and construction paper to decorate your own home for a more low-key date night.  With just a few dollars, and a bit of physical prowess, you can also enjoy a night out ice skating.  And you can never go wrong with a sweet gesture like writing a love letter or having breakfast in bed. But, at the end of the day, just being together is enough. If anything, get some cheap wine, pick out a movie on Netflix, and count yourself lucky to have found someone.


Take this day of celebrating love to focus on self-love. Treat yourself to a gift and supplies for a day of self-care. Maybe there is an item on your Amazon wish list that you’ve been eyeing or a Lush bath bomb you’ve by wanting to try. You may even be able to find a decent deal at a spa, that way you enjoy complete tranquil relaxation. Either way, do a little something to spend the day indulging your body and soul. Then you can grab tons of half-off Valentine’s chocolates after midnight!

Another option, if you don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone, is to have a girls’ night. Grab your closest friends, exchange little gifts, and go out on the town. Or spend a night in having a sleepover full of rom-coms featuring your celebrity crush, junk food, and maybe even your old Mystery Date or Dream Phone games. When in doubt, check out Parks and Recreation’s Galentine’s Day episode for inspiration on the perfect celebration of female friendship.

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, take a chance to make it memorable. But remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about treating yourself and others to some love.