Going back to our roots…literally (pt. 1)

By: Bre Harrigan

Although gaining popularity within the past few years, skincare has been a part of people’s daily lives since ancient times. Although the products and routines have changed, we could all learn a little something from those before us. Sure, things may have changed, but we all still want the same things they did. Youthful, glowing skin. We have yet to find the fountain of youth, but some aspects of these ancient rituals and products can get us looking as young as we feel.


The first product I will be mentioning is straight from the skincare routine of history’s most iconic rulers, Cleopatra. After doing further research, I learned that my girl Cleo used saffron in her milk baths to get an extra, natural glow. Saffron oil is believed to help balance the hormones and enhance your complexion when applied to the skin. If you don’t want to splurge on the spice, you can make your own saffron oil by adding a pinch of saffron into coconut oil and boom!

Neem and Sandalwood Oils

A tried and true remedy to fight blemished skin is to making a paste. Use neem leaves to make a thick paste and add a bit of turmeric. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family, used since the beginning of some cultures for medicinal uses. Neem and other Sandalwood oils are nature’s way of providing us with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory products.

Raw Honey

I have had quite an experience with all of the different ways to use honey. The one I use most commonly is to help my throat. If you ever feel yucky or feel scratchy, adding honey to your tea or just swallowing a spoonful of it does wonders. Trust me. Enough about that, because honey is a skin saver. In Ancient Greece, women relied on bee product to become the goddesses they were. Specifically used for face masks and body scrubs, honey has many antibacterial properties that has transferred to modern culture. I can tell you this as a fact as I type this with a honey face mask on.

Rose Water

Sigh. My favorite product to ever exist in the history of time. Rose water is one of the simple pleasures of life that anybody should have the luxury of using. With its roots beginning in Ancient Egypt, rose water is believed to help prevent aging and works well as a toner. As an 18 year old girl, I can’t exactly vouch that it makes me look younger, but I can guarantee that if you spray even a tiny amount on your face, it retains your skin’s natural moisture and helps you feel more refreshed. And on top of all of that, it smells absolutely heavenly.


Although our ancestors really steered themselves wrong in many different ways, one thing they did pretty well was paving the way to modern skincare. Although there were so many other products they used, I felt it was helpful to introduce the products that we still use today. That being said, keep an eye out for another article soon about the wack a$$ ancient beauty rituals we definitely don’t use anymore.