The Power of Routine

By: Erin Paul

I truly believe in the power of a good morning routine. And more importantly, a slow morning routine. Waking your body up is a slow process, something that starts with two physiological processes: The circadian rhythm and sleep homeostatic pressure. The circadian rhythm is what makes you feel awake during the day and sleepier at night. As you sleep through the night, the sleep pressure slowly dissipates which makes you wake up. This is gradual which is why I stress a slow morning. My morning routine starts with my dog licking my face. Every morning, my puppy, Wentz, wakes me up with a tongue to my face somewhere around 8:30. It’s clockwork. Sometimes, we sleep in to about 10 AM but that’s once in a blue moon.

My morning routine:

  1. I lay in bed for about two minutes, letting my body wake up fully before I step out of bed.
  2. After I get up, I go on a brisk walk with my dog. Before I leave, I start my coffee pot.
  3. Once I come back, I take my vitamins for the day and pour myself a smoothie, or some orange juice. Starting my day with Vitamin C keeps me energetic and healthier. I take a multi-green vitamin from Brandless.
  4. I drink a cup of coffee, go through emails, and then do a yoga session. I do Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. She’s got about every session you could want.
  5. My shower. I love a nice shower. Body Hero by Glossier makes it so fun.
  6. Now, this is a bit longer because I’m incorporating my skincare routine.
    1. After I shower, I use Glossier Solution.
    2. I follow my serums (Again Glossier Pure, Glow, and Bounce, as well as a chia seed and passion fruit facial oil by Lather. The facial oil makes my skin glow like a goddess.
    3. I jade roll to get the puffiness out of my face, and then I moisturize. My moisturizer varies between a rose cream (smells like roses) and Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer. The rose cream is what I use when I want to really moisturize and I’m not going to be wearing any makeup. Really good for after I cleanse at night.
    4. I really don’t use much makeup. I use Haloscope and Boy Brow and that’s about it unless I’m going out.
  7. I make breakfast. This is on a good day. I’m not typically hungry but I’ll eat something light like peanut butter toast or a banana. It depends on how I’m feeling. This morning, I made a spinach, onion, and pepper omlette.

The importance of a routine is tremendous. My day becomes more productive and I feel more awake and alert getting up earlier to do these steps rather than sleeping in. I hope you will too.