The Women (and Girls) of Small Business – Part 2

By: Erika Moye

Diversity. 57% of employees think that the companies they work for should be more diverse—whether by hiring more people of color to their staff or more women for a more gender equal environment.

Joelle Emerson aims to do just that!

To continue the series of Women and Girls of Small Business, meet Joelle Emerson, CEO and founder of Paradigm. Her main goal as the creator of her business is to partner with well-known companies such as AirBnB, Pinterest, Slack, Spotify, and The New York Times (to name a few) to help diversify their work spaces. She has pieces on inclusion and unconscious biases featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Business Insider, and many others!


Emerson, with a background in law as a Stanford Law School graduate, was formerly a women’s rights employment lawyer. She assisted and sponsored women in gender discrimination and sexual harassment hearings as well as advocating for local, state, and federal policies that would ensure equal pay and other workplace protections for women.

Emerson was named one of the “most ambitious, innovative, disruptive entrepreneurs” by Vanity Fair in 2015.



Emerson founded Paradigm to aid companies that are failing or potentially failing with inclusion and diversity due to the lack of women in the workplace. Paradigm sets out to bring diversity in the work environment of innovative small businesses to even Fortune 500 businesses.

The company’s philosophy is to shift and guide its clients in the direction of inclusivity to deliver better products and services, and build a better world.

With businesses like Joelle Emerson’s, people of all genders and races should be able to prosper in the workforce without fear of exclusivity or negative bias. Paradigm sets the bar for companies to add uniqueness from all backgrounds to ensure better opportunities for all.

Want more on Paradigm? Visit their website at for more information about their values and ways to join their team.