3 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Everyone has different preferences, and that’s no different when it comes to sex. Some people like the same positions, others like to change it up in the bedroom, but most can say at one point, when participating in monogamous sex with one person, they felt almost bored. And while it’s never okay to say that in a hurtful way to your partner, you always have the right to suggest something to make things more interesting for the both of you. Always consider what works the best for you both and always discuss things with your partner prior. Here are some ways to bring a little more fire into your sex life:

  1. Bondage

    Have a pair of handcuffs lying around from your cop costume from Halloween? Feel free to suggest bringing them into the bedroom, getting your money’s worth. Not into cuffs? Silk ties, ropes, etc., are all fun ways to experiment with. Like cheetah print? Try out these Adam and Eve Plush Love Cuffs for something more innocent.

  2.  Sex Toys

    Sex toys are a great way to mix things up. Whether you’re using it on your partner or vice versa, they’re a fun way to get old sparks popping and can be really essential in helping those orgasms. Take Trojan’s vibrator, a simple way to just add some extra buzz to your sex life. Our sex writer Diamond wrote a great article on vibrators if you need some inspiration or if you’re not into vibrators, you can take a look at the couples’ sex toys Adam and Eve has here.

  3. A Plus One

    Adding another partner to your sex life. This factor should be discussed multiple times with your partner before bringing someone else into your bedroom, to make sure you are both comfortable with someone else. Additionally, this could be something you’ve both been wondering about, but too scared to ask. Make sure it’s safe sex for all of you and that everyone is okay with it. Set boundaries and start off slow. And don’t forget, have fun, ladies!