Milan Fashion Week vs. New York Fashion Week: Who did it better and favorite shows

By: Kayla Smith

With Milan Fashion Week coming to a close, viewers from all over the world have been ranting and raving about the various designers and their collections emerging from this year’s runway shows.

Just two weeks before was the February New York Fashion Week which had many special guest appearances. Kylie Jenner and my personal favorite, Zendaya were both in attendance with front row seats. Viewers and critics have been discussing the two fashion weeks; which one was better?

Here are my thoughts.

The Milan Fashion Week really put up a show in many ways more than one this year:

Dolce and Gabbana sparked innovation as they had drones carry out the modeling for their handbags.


Prada displayed its colorful and brightly patterned collection with the help of new runway model Anok Yai. Yai was spotted at Howard’s Homecoming in late October and photographed by @thesunk who thought she was “stunning.” She soon landed herself a contract and has made a name of her own ever since.

Also, Tommy… Tommy! As basic as it sounds, the Tommy Hilfiger show at Milan Fashion Week was one of my favorites. The theme of his show was “Speed Style” as his models walked on a race track themed runway wearing his signature red, white and blue colors. Hilfiger collaborated with Gigi Hadid to create a motorist themed fashion show wearing tons of colorblock, linear and checkered designs.


Moschino, another show at Milan Fashion Week fell in a close second with its very Jackie Kennedy-esque designs.


All in all NYFW put up a good fight, but I think MFW has won this one for me! The innovation and the creative, yet chic designs amongst all of the designers were both eye catching and attractive.

Be sure to check out Milan’s Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week shows at the links below if you missed it!