Fun Workouts You Can Do at Home

By: Erin Paul

You’ve been there, scrolling through Instagram and see someone looking GOOD and you’re suddenly hit with a wave of motivation to work out, getting ready for summer. Maybe you don’t have a gym membership, or maybe just don’t feel like getting up from your seat. Here are some fun workouts you can do without leaving your living room:

Plankton: Grab a chair, ladies, one with no arm rests. Place your core on the chair, laying on your stomach. Spread your arms out, keeping your body in a straight line, and hold for 30 seconds. Rest and then repeat until your body is SHAKING. Then go try to steal the Krabby Patty formula, sister, you’re ready.

Banana Split, Superman’s Favorite: Lay down on the ground, stomach down. Spread your arms out like you’re Clark Kent and raise your legs up. Hold as you balance basically on your abdomen for thirty seconds and then flip to your backside, holding your legs in the air as they were before and your arms straight past your head–making your body look like a banana. Hold for thirty seconds and then go back to Superman. Repeat until once again, you are SHAKING.

How to Make Your Downstairs Neighbors Hate You:

Do you live in an apartment building? Do your downstairs neighbors keep you awake with pounding music all night? Here’s a great way to wake up their pounding hangover brain. Be up bright and early, maybe even before seven. Clear some space, play some music, and do these:

Squat jumps: Take a squatting position in the middle of your cleared space, then push up, jumping from your squatting position. Come back down on your feet, squat, and do it all over again. Repeat until your neighbor’s broom is banging against their ceiling.