Glossier Solution: Does It Really Work?

By: Bre Harrigan

 On January 17, 2018, the well known makeup and skincare brand Glossier launched one of their most reviewed products, the Glossier Solution. The brand’s new chemical exfoliator promises to buff away dead skin cells and erase any blemishes or imperfections. Chemical exfoliation is just that, exfoliating with chemicals. These exfoliators use both AHA and BHA (acids) to penetrate the top layer of your skin and dive into the source of all blemishes.

With most chemical exfoliants, it is highly recommended to use some sort of SPF, as it can make your skin more sensitive and susceptible to sun damage. I approached three avid Glossier lovers who have been using the product since its launch and asked each woman the same questions.

How did your skin initially react to Glossier Solution?

A: At first, it causes a bit of irritation and maybe a few breakouts, but the same thing happens almost every time I introduce something new into my skincare routine.

B: I usually have much clearer skin, hormonal acne is my biggest issue, and now I feel like I’m breaking out all the time after using the Solution!

C: I definitely had a purge at the beginning, breaking out more than usual, which I expected. This is typical, as I have done a lot of treatments similar to this.

Have you used chemical exfoliators and/or medicine to help your skin in the past?

A: I have never used a chemical exfoliator in my routine but I actually find it much more gentle than physical exfoliants. The only medicine I take that benefits my skin is birth control, but I still get hormonal acne.

B: No, maybe that was part of the problem!

C: I have used Stridex pads for years! Salicylic acid is usually my chemical exfoliant of choice. I have also used the Exfolikate, which is hardcore and way too much for my baby sensitive skin. I’ve also used retinol, Accutane, and many types of creams and pills.

 Do you use an SPF after using Solution as recommended?

A: I always use it in the morning! I always recommend one.

B: Yep! Every time. I’m scared not to!

C: Always! Keeps me looking 14.

 Now, after using Solution for a while, have you noticed any major changes?

A: What works for me is using it 2 times a week (max.). It does a great job of getting rid of buildup and dead skin, definitely making my makeup application easier. As long as you use a good moisturizer, it really does more good than harm.

B: It’s still making me break out. If it doesn’t clear up soon I’m going to stop using it.

C: I think with any acne treatment it’s worth the wait, otherwise you won’t know how well it is going to work for you. Solution has helped with the overall brightness and appearance of my pores. From someone who has battled acne for a long time, it’s a struggle trying to find products that really work for you, Solution just happens to work great for me!

As seen in each of these women’s experiences, Glossier’s product can either do a lot of good or a lot of bad. As with any new skincare products, give your skin time to adapt to the chemicals. If it is seriously irritating your skin and creating more problems, I recommend seeing your dermatologist!

The Solution is one of Glossier’s most sought after products thus far, so I would highly recommend giving it a try! And remember to always slap on some good ol’ SPF!