4 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Love Life

By: Diamond Buckley

Single life can be extremely empowering and fun. You’re free to do whatever and whoever you want. You can live your life with no strings attached, and not have to worry about waiting around for someone at home. Single life is amazing, until you reach that point where you decide you want a relationship. At this stage, it’s easy to doubt yourself and stress yourself out wondering what you’re doing wrong. Most likely you’re doing one of these fixable mistakes:

  1. You’re searching for a relationship

Yes, this is such a classic cliché that everyone uses. It’s very true though. When you’re searching for a relationship, the bonds you build are less genuine because they’re based on finding a relationship. It’s important to build a concrete base of friendship before even making the next step to becoming official. While this may take longer, it makes for a healthier and stronger relationship.

2. Looking for flaws in a prospective partner

Understandably, this is hard not to do. It’s so easy to get caught up in “not wasting your time”, but all this does is make you see this person in a maybe unnecessarily dark light. Of course you should always look out for red flags, but don’t go on a search mission for problems that aren’t there.

3. You’re not prioritizing your dates

You don’t have to center your whole life around your love life, but it is important to not put whoever you’re interested in on the back burner. People can sense when they’re only a second option to you, and that’s not the most enticing thing in the world. You don’t have to go on dates every single day, but it’s necessary to make sure whoever you’re dating knows that they’re an important priority.

4. You’re dating before you’re actually ready

It may seem frustrating to be single when you miss the companionship of a significant other, but going out and dating when you’re not ready is only going to set yourself up for failure. If you find yourself still thinking about your ex, or if you know you aren’t wanting to give up some freedoms that come with being single; save yourself the trouble. Dating when you’re not ready only causes you to not give 100% of yourself, which will be a future downfall.