Getting Your Skin Ready for Summer

 It’s finally here! Or, almost here. We’re in the final stretch until we reach summer! The outfits, the events, the food, the memories. And most importantly, the SKIN! Everybody knows summertime is when you really get your natural glow while feeling like you’re on top of the world. However, it’s so easy in the heat to forget to protect your skin. One minute you’re laying out and feeling the warmth of the sunshine soak into your skin, the next you’re wincing every time you move because of that nasty sunburn. Taking care of your skin isn’t hard to do if you’re willing to take the time to really care for it! As someone with fair, sensitive skin, I know better than anyone just how important it is to protect your skin. Here are some tips and tricks to really glow, without hurting your skin.

  1. Exfoliate!



Your body is constantly shedding dead skin to make room for healthier cells, and exfoliating is an excellent way to keep your skin from looking dull and flaky. Take any body scrub of your choice and hit the shower! My personal favorite is Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub. This product has kept my skin soft and smooth for months now, and it smells amazing! Be careful though, it’s definitely on the messier side because it looks just like coffee grounds, so remember to clean up afterwards! IMPORTANT! Never exfoliate if you are sunburnt! Rubbing anything harsh on your skin can irritate the already painful area and make the healing time longer and more frustrating. Instead, drink plenty of water and apply safe, healing lotions.

  1. Drink Water!

The MOST important thing for your skin is drinking water. Although you should be drinking water year round, it is the most crucial in the summer. Since it’s so hot outside, you’ll start to become more dehydrated as the day goes on. As difficult as it sounds, 8 glasses of water a day really isn’t that hard if you commit. Water is a natural detox drink and can keep you glowing all day. It also helps with healing sunburns!

  1.       Sunscreen!

The MOST important thing for your skin in the summertime is a good SPF. First things first, throw away last summer’s bottle. Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen doesn’t last forever. Buy a new bottle with SPF that’s high enough to protect your skin (usually a SPF 30 or SPF 70). Remember to reapply every 1-2 hours and try not to miss any spots!

  1.     Minimal Makeup!

I’m the first one to say how much I love wearing makeup in the summer. The colorful eyeshadows, festival looks, and darker foundation really makes me feel like a goddess. However, I’ve learned the hard way that slapping on thick foundation can really clog up your pores, especially when you’ve been in the heat, sweating all day. I also found that wearing a lot of eye makeup does me a disservice when it’s halfway through the day and it’s melting off my face. A great product to use is a light foundation with SPF. As you should be applying SPF before putting on any makeup, a product with more SPF will just help your skin more. You can also find tons of lip products that contain SPF, I always forget that lips can get sunburnt too!