Meal Planning: How to Get Ahead

As a human race, we are constantly looking to either save time or money. A way to do both is meal planning. It was a long time before I made myself do it, and it’s still hard sometimes. But every Sunday after work, I plop down and look up new vegetarian dishes to make for the week. I focus on dinners primarily, and then I’m more lenient on breakfast and lunches, preferring to buy random supplies for variety. Lately, I’ve been on a new nutritional re-balancing program that’s taken away the need to plan breakfast and lunches. More on that next article.

Meal planning is super easy. Pick one day out of the week, preferably a Saturday or Sunday and find a meal for each day of the week or if you know you’re going out, skip. Keep track of the recipes and then make a list of the ingredient you’ll need for the meals, keeping in mind of the food you already have. For lists, I like to use the app Milk, that keeps all of my lists in one place, and I can add other items I notice throughout the week things I’m out of like milk or shampoo.

It keeps you from spending an excess on food that you don’t end up eating, as long as you stick to your list. Before, I used to go food shopping and say I’d make this this week… and never did. I wasted food and money, as well as my time. Another way to save money from meal planning is coupon clipping. Searching for coupons can help you plan your trips to each stores, using what coupons you have to save a little bit of cash. Remember, a little bit over time turns into a lot.