We’ve discussed how it’s important to have healthy meals and the effects of doing so: a healthier, happier body. In a society where junk food is cheaper and advertised more, it’s harder and more expensive to make the right choices. Any healthy restaurants are automatically classified as expensive and is less desirable. Additionally, trying to eat healthy while on the go is even harder; there is no fast food restaurant that I can classify as even remotely nutritious.

I recently started a new nutritional re-balancing program. It’s like a lot of weight loss things, but I wasn’t really in it for that. The use of probiotics and the ease of literally just drinking a shake (basically a protein shake) appealed to me (I’m a server and don’t get a chance to eat during shifts unless it’s the restaurant’s food which isn’t all that healthy). Now, I’m after the first 30 day program and I wanted to share my results:

  • Energy
    • I wake up ready to go.  I don’t need any morning coffee (I still drink it for the taste) and I feel like I need to go on a run just to release some of it.
  • Skin
    •  My skin is finally clearing up. Lately, I’ve been having some pretty bad stress-related acne and with the help of dairy-free shakes, my skin is smoother and I break out less.
  • Body
    • I feel lighter, my clothes aren’t as tight and more comfy in my own skin. It’s brought a newfound brightness in me that I haven’t had before.
  • Brain