“Totality of a Woman”: Women and Mental Health

By: Erika Moye

Mental health usually goes either unchecked or ignored by others, especially in women. And African-American and Latinx women suffer the most from mental health issues—depression and anxiety being at the forefront plaguing 1 in 5 women between ages 16 through 24. Thus, health and wellness website Totality of a Woman was born by the work of Stephanie Carnegie.

Carnegie—businesswoman, mother, and entrepreneur—for more than 10 years, owned a public relations company representing artists and entertainers, but the routine of life became a difficult. Suffering in silence with the overwhelming stress, she began battling with depression. She created the site to help provide a safe space for women to open up and seek the assistance, support and resources needed in order for the healing to begin and even received her certification in mental health first aid.

“It’s about the core handling mind, body, and soul,” she stated in an interview with Fox News in New York. “The totality of a woman.”

She held her first conference for Totality of a Woman and approximately 150 women showed up to express their experiences as women battling mental health issues and, in May, launched the campaign Stop the Stigma and Start the Conversation to end the stigma that women suffering refrain from talking about their mental health for fear of being label as weak or unstable. This summer, Carnegie will be working with local leaders to start community initiatives and workshops, has a podcast in the works, and this fall, will be taking Totality of a Woman on tour to Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Miami.

So many women suffer from mental health issues and lots of those issues are reduced to stigmas and stereotypes. Totality of a Woman’s mission is to cultivate communities of healthy female leaders internationally and bring awareness to mental health in many communities by starting the conversation and making a safe environment.

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Always remember, if you or someone you love is suffering from any mental health issues, you are not ever alone.