Such a Tease: The Magazine

-Art by Destyni Kuhns-Gray

A magazine: for women, by women.

Such A Tease Mag is the magazine for women, by women. Featuring an all-women staff, we focus our content on things like: skincare, makeup, women in politics, and business, fashion, and sex. New content will be available every Friday from different sections each week. Enjoy!

Meet the staff:


Erin Paul • Editor-in-Chief and Founder

Erin Paul is from a small town called Williamsburg, VA, and currently lives in Richmond. She attends Virginia Commonwealth University as a Mass Communications major. She has published a novel, The Fall of (Grayson) Rome. She has a dog named Wentz and two sisters and two loving parents. Find her at:

  • Instagram: @erinpablo
  • Twitter: @erinpablo


Christina Burgess • Writer//Women in Politics

Christina Burgess is a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. At VCU, she’s currently majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Political Science. She is also an Army brat so she’s lived everywhere, but she claims Columbia, South Carolina as home. She has a super supportive family; mom, dad, two brothers and her dog, Kodie. In her free time; Christina loves posting on her blog, listening to music, hanging with friends and drinking a cup of tea. You can find her on: 

Twitter: @chrisxinaa

Instagram: @chrsxina


Bre Harrigan • Writer//Skincare

Bre Harrigan is an 18 year old student at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. She is from Williamsburg, VA, and is currently a representative for Glossier, an up and coming skincare/makeup company. She will be studying performing arts at VCU and hopes to have a career in acting, however she is very passionate about skincare as well working on projects with others. You can find her on:

Instagram: @bre_harrigan




Gloria Wright • Writer//Women-in-Business

Gloria Wright is a student at VCU in the diverse city of Richmond, VA. Her course of study is Business with a concentration in Marketing. Her deepest passion is female empowerment. She aims to inspire other readers to create the life of their dreams. Find her on:

Instagram: @gloriawright

Twitter: @glorriaann


Diamond selfie

Diamond Buckley • Writer//Sex

Diamond is a marketing major at Southwestern Illinois College. She plans to transfer to FIDM in San Diego to major in fashion merchandising/marketing. She also runs a YouTube channel/Instagram modeled around beauty/fashion. You can find her on:

Twitter: @imdiamondmarie

Instagram: @j20th


Chizuru “Roo” Webb • Writer//Submissions

Roo was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan, and grew up in Michigan and attended OCB (Ohio Center of Broadcasting) for Journalism and TV/Radio broadcasting. Roo currently resides in NYC as an aspiring screen writer and bartender by night. Music, Art and Food addict. Luther Vandross on a Monday, Jay Z on a Tuesday and Sade on a Sunday. You can find her on:


Twitter and IG: @roo_says


Kayla Smith • Writer//Fashion

Kayla Smith is an 18 year old sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is from Ashburn, Virginia, and is currently pursuing Fashion Merchandising with a minor of Business. Smith is also a student athlete. You can find her at:

Twitter: @kaylasmith926

Instagram: @kaylasmith926


Nicole Maguire • Writer and Programmer

Nicole Maguire is from Williamsburg, VA, but has been what seems like everywhere since. She has had internships with NASA’s Kennedy Center, Facebook, and Apple, working on projects like Instagram and the Dashboard for the Launch Initiation Sequence of the next Manned Space Flight Program. She is currently on leave from James Madison University and living the programmer’s dream in San Francisco, CA. Overall, she’s just a 20 year old girl trying to figure things out: boys, friendships, living on her own, and mental/physical health. She’s excited to write for Such A Tease! You can find her on: 

Instagram: @nicolenotunix


Grace Dowdy • Artist

Grace Dowdy is from Williamsburg, VA and is currently a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Psychology. Grace also hosts a shop where she sells her artwork on clothing and various merchandise. She has three older sisters, two sets of lovely parents, and three cats. You can find her on:

Instagram and Twitter: @guhraze

Art Instagram: @artgirlgrace


Tori Sprankle • Art Director

Tori Sprankle is a double major in Painting/Printmaking and Theatre Performance at the VCU School of Arts. She loves cheese fries, expensive lipstick, making friendship bracelets, and cruising in her ’87 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Quoted from the 2004 film classic Napoleon Dynamite, her message to all of you is: “So me and you are pretty much friends by now, right?” Find her on:

Twitter: @torsprank

Instagram: @torisprankle


Alex Haller • Marketing

Alex Haller is from Richmond, Virginia and currently attends VCU, where she is working on a double major in Sculpture and Extended Media and English. When she’s not in the studio, she loves to take photos, write poetry, explore Richmond’s food scene, and dabble in marketing projects. She has an amazing family and a beautiful cat named Poppy. You can find her in coffee shops around the city, and at:

Instagram: @alex.haller